restaurant kitchenSetting up a budget for your eatery can be kind of tricky, especially when you don’t know what to budget for. Some tend to make this mistake a lot. They tend to budget for the wrong things, not counting on possible mishaps. I am here to help. Here are some suggestions on how to make your budget work out well, especially for those who are already on a tight budget.

1)The grease interceptor is very important to keep on the budget plate. It’s something that is very commonly overlooked. Most cities have this rule that grease may not be poured into the sewer at the end of the day. There are even fines being placed on people who do this. Now the grease interceptor can cost you anywhere between $17,000-90,000. It all depends on the location, size and establishment. It might cost you this much going in, but it will cost you more in fines later on.

2) You will need restaurant flatwareThe types of plates and silverware your use says it all. It says everything the customer wants and needs to know about you. The nicer the plates and silverware, the better the establishment and ingredients. This is what many people think. Never undervalue the price of public perception. What others think does matter when it comes to your restaurant. The more someone likes your place and food, the more likely they are to recommend you to others.

3) A faulty refrigerator is going to break you 9 times out of 10. Some like to go with a pre-owned version of their equipment. This works for some types of equipment, because the newer versions are too expensive. The refrigerator is one thing you should never skimp on. It might cost you a few thousand dollars upfront, but it will save you lots of headaches later on.

4)It’s always best to think of the equipment you are going to have when designing your space. Designing your space is all tied in with the budget. The equipment you use in your place needs to accentuate your atmosphere, it should never take away from it.

restaurant kitchenSay you have a touch-screen beverage machine. Let’s say it only serves on at time. This is going to cause issues when there is a long line. These people might go some place else. Consider using s multi-application service with this beverage idea. You need to think of your client’s feelings. Some will be patient, but most are very impatient. Most don’t like to wait. It’s not just about you. You, your staff, your budget and your customers will all make for a happy equation for success.

It’s up to you to make sure this happy equation works out mathematically every day.